When you decide to purchase a home, one of the first questions you must answer is whether or not you want new construction. Depending on several factors where you live, the current state of real estate, as well as the large or high volumes of inventory on the market you may opt to buy an existing house or build one of your own. In most suburban areas, you can find newly constructed, planned communities with vacant homes that are move-in ready. While these homes, depending on how long they’ve been on the market, will offer comparable benefits to building your own house, there are several upsides to working with a professional and constructing from scratch.

If you’re debating between new and existing properties, take a look at these reasons to hire a professional homebuilder.

1. Your home can be customized with your exact needs in mind. Everyone makes a sacrifice when purchasing a new home. Some may give up closet space for larger bedrooms, or a formal dining room for a more spacious kitchen. When you work with a professional homebuilder dallas, you can guarantee that the features most important to you and your family are incorporated into your house from the beginning.

2 Financing the purchase of a new home is a difficult process, especially if you have a less than desirable credit score. Sometimes, it is easier to finance the build and purchase of your home through your contractor than through your own bank. There may be different lending programs that you qualify for or varied repayment plans that are more feasible for you and your family. However, it’s imperative that you do your research and only finance your home through a credible company with a track record of success and satisfied clients, especially if you’re not going through a traditional financial institution.

3. If you buy an existing home with the plans to make modifications, you have to go from conception through destruction through renovation, and oftentimes, your ability to adjust the project mid-process is hindered by constraints the existing home imposes. When building from the ground up, it is easier to make slight adjustments and alterations as you go along–especially if you stay involved and connected with the build.

4. In fact, being actively involved in the construction of your home is one huge benefit that hiring a professional builder lends. You have the opportunity to participate in everything from designing the floorplan to selecting the final finishes. Nothing makes a space feel more like home than having a hand in all of is details.

5. Shop around and find a good warranty. If you decide to hire a professional homebuilder, you have the freedom to shop around and find a construction company with experience building the type of home you want. If you’re looking to conserve energy, hire a certified green homebuilder. If you want a modern home, find a builder with a portfolio picturing past modern builds.

Also, when you buy an existing home, some form of home warranty can be built into the contract, but many newer homes, especially homes in planned communities where one or two builders have constructed each property will come with sound warranties included.