Every year we have the same thing and the same decorations details. As the years are passing by, we need something new; we need some change. If you think about it, you will realize this is the time of the year where your show all your creativity. You can play with paper, glue and scissors like you are in your elementary school again. Everything you need is a bunch of a good idea. If you have a problem with your imagination, we can suggest you some tricks.

Replace a Christmas wreath with baubles

You are tired of the old well-known Christmas wreath that has been decorating your doors for years. Here is one great idea how to change it, but still be a part of a tradition. The only things you need is a bunch of baubles (you can choose pink green and silver for example) and make a bauble Christmas wreath. You will be surprised how glamorous can look like.

Ribbons as a key ornament

Ribbons are simply magical. The power of ribbon is enormous. You can’t imagine what one piece of ribbon can do. You can put them on pots, curtain, kitchen cupboard…There is no limit to your creativity when you are playing with them. You can put them on the ordinary box and put them on the Christmas three.



Candles are the best solutions for atmosphere, and they can show the spirit of the winter. If you out a candle in a pot filled in with festive foods, cranberries, walnuts or hazelnuts you will make a magical effect. You can play with natural colors and scents. The best place for this kind of play is your kitchen. You can also make cookies, inspired by Christmas spirit and put them in a glass vase with the ribbon on the top.


Edible ornaments

No, batter magic than edible ornaments. The magic starts from the very first beginning. You can prepare everything with your children and enjoy their creativity and skills. You can decorate your tree with cookies and ribbon candy or even popcorns. You can fill in the pots or glass vases with them and at the end you can eat them. Endless joy and magic of Christmas spirit are in the concept of making cookies.

Decorative tassels

Everything is decorated besides your doors. Try hanging red tassels on them or drawers. This small but nice detail can look lovely. These practical details can save your budget and still achieve a Christmas spirit.

Play with unexpected materials


Have you ever used feathers as a Christmas decorations? Especially in exotic destinations without snow and other Christmas features you choose another type of materials, like feathers. Play with their colors and make your exotic feather wreath or even a Christmas tree. You can use a palm tree and decorate it with cheerful colors. Why not?

No matter what methods are you using you just need to use your imagination and to play with it, and you won’t make a mistake.